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Blood Games II is a self-contained Modern Occult Horror role-playing game. Blood Games II is set in the real world, here and now.

Blood Games II is a single book containing everything needed to run an Occult Horror campaign set in North America at the start of the third Millenium - in other words now. Magic works but is difficult, undependable, and easily dimissed as coincidence or delusion.

Blood Games II RPG PDF Version

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Blood Games II RPG Print Version

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Reviews for the New Blood Games II:

"I found Blood Games II to be an excellent blend of traditional genre staples as well as fresh ideas and new variations on older themes... There is a strong religious theme in the game and many real life religions are discussed throughout the book. This is possibly the best handling of religion in any game I've seen. The game remains very non-judgmental throughout and there are no implications that one religion is correct and others are wrong, all are equally viable in game. What is impressive is that the game isn't afraid to really delve into the details and effects of religion rather than skirting the issue as so many other products do...I enjoyed the darker tones of the game, the implied grim sense of duty, the struggles of light against darkness, and the definite sense of evilness from the opposition. It does a good job of letting you know this isn't a game about lighthearted modern wizardry, but rather a grim struggle of good versus evil, trying to keep the darkness at bay. "

Jeff K, RPG.net

"The game does do a nice job of making each “class” feel different. Esotericists don’t feel like Witches who don’t feel like Voudon priests who don’t feel like Magus…and none of them feel like Hunters. Probably the closest is Cambions and vampires, and even then that’s not true. Some good, distinct ideas are presented here for player choices... I like their take on vampires, though I’m sure its not wholly unique, it is more in line with the Dracula style vampire, instead of the clan groupings of the World of Darkness games or the cannon-fodder vampires of Buffy the Vampire Slayer... Blood Games II is worth checking out if you’re a fan of the Occult Horror genre. Either you’ll find a new game, or you’ll find an idea or two to rip out."

Tommy Brownell, RPG.net

"The various magical abilities available to the characters seem somewhat open-ended, with some very specific guidelines in place to reign in power-gamer type players. I like it, and think that it's extremely creative... One of the really cool things about this game is that most of the creatures, magic and religious effects are well-researched and grounded in the mythology/beliefs of the real world."

Matt Staggs, Skullring.org

Reviews for the original Blood Games:

"...their spin on Vampires as more traditional solitary, aging, inhuman monsters is like a breath of fresh air against the monster-apologism that has been rife in occult horror games."
"It is full of ideas with a decent and understandable system and a powerful basis around which to build a group. ...A well executed occult horror game with much to commend it."
4 stars (of 5)

James 'Grim' Desborough, The RPGnow.com Downloader Monthly

"...this game will let you have some cool stories. If you have any heart, you will come to love these characters and their nasty little world. They are wild, full of faith, passionate, and ready to kick evil beastie butt. It really is “about courage, self sacrifice, and desperate heroism with no hope of reward.”"

Kyle Schuant, RPG.net

"...Blood Games is not about finding lost artifacts to use in a protective ritual. Blood Games is about not being wiped out by packs of werewolves or assassinated by angry vampires. As the introduction of the RPG points out; mankind was once a prey species."
"I quite like Blood Games. It's a no nonsense horror game and through that can be quite scary at times - do or die scenarios seem common."
The WyrdMaster, Game Wyrd

Available Blood Games Supplements

A Blood Games Adventure set on a tiny island off the coast of Maine. Haunted lighthouses make a lovely place for a vacation, wouldn't you agree?

A Blood Games supplement detailing three new paths dedicated to the Darkness.

The Way Things Are

In the beginning, Homo Sapiens was a prey species. Hunted by the creatures of darkness, we had no culture, and only the most primitive of tools. We were brought out of Africa, our homeland, into strange places, where we evolved to fit the land. Our terror, the Vampires, fed on us, as did the Lycanthropes and the other Creatures of Night. They hunted herds of us as wild animals, and they exacted their price in blood.

Enoch, as we call him, changed everything. He is called many things: Thoth, Quetzalcouatl, Enoch, Viracocha, Prometheus; but always the story is the same. The God(s) sent him to teach us the things we needed to know to push back the hated Creatures of Darkness. For a long time, the battle between Light and Darkness was a seesaw conflict, but eventually the Light triumphed through the Nullity, which made all the supernatural ineffective, including our own magic.

People's belief in Science was what powered the Nullity, and with that power slowly fading, the Nullity covered less and less. The supernatural creatures began spreading out of the isolated backwaters they had been penned in for so long, although scientists dismissed these sightings as hallucinations and fabrications.

Thus, we, the forces of Light, the heirs of Enoch, again have both the need and the means to pick up the challenge thrown by the Dark. Unless we hold the forces of Darkness at bay, civilization will crumble again, and the Darkness will cover all.

Blood Games II is set in the real world, anywhere from the Renaissance to today.

In Blood Games II, the players play the role of individuals from different walks of life who have joined forces to fight the Creatures of the Night. These individuals may be one of two types:

Path Characters are subtly enhanced normal humans who have been chosen to serve as champions by various parties. Some have the ability to cast powerful magics or miracles. Some are imbued with uncanny luck. Many are strongly religious in character, while others are not.

Non-Path Characters are normal people who use their various skills in any way they can. Virtually all of these people have been hurt by the Creatures of Night in one way or another and have determined to resist them. Most have odd little quirks which develop from facing the horrors of the supernatural, but they have no control over these quirks.

There are others, as well. Half Angels are born with powers, but they themselves choose whether to use them for the Light or the Dark. Immortals can never die unless, just maybe, they complete what they are supposed to do, and they can rest.

Religion is vital to the game. Many of the paths are religious in nature, and the reality of some greater being or beings helping humanity is a central fact. Blood Games is not, however, tied to any one religion.

Blood Games II is about courage, self sacrifice, and desperate heroism with no hope of reward.

Blood Games II uses the StarCluster System, with the new StarPool d20 dice pool task resolution system.

Blood Games FAQ

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When is Blood Games II being released? It was released in June, 2007
Is Blood Games II available in print or in PDF format? Blood Games II is now available in Print and in pdf format.
Is this game set in the same StarCluster RPG system you have available now? Well, not exactly. Blood Games II is the first game to use the StarPool task resolution system with the StarCluster game engine. The new system is quite compatible with the old, but uses dice pools rather than percentiles. The Blood Games setting, however, has nothing to do with the setting in the StarCluster Game. The Blood Games version of the StarCluster 2E engine is tweaked a bit to better reflect the setting, which is the real world.
Do I need the StarCluster core rules to play this game? No, everything required for play is included.
Are characters randomly generated or created without dice? There are Determined and Template character generation methods, both using a Life Path system, and neither are random. Either one or both may be used as you see fit. You may mix and match both methods in building a character.

What is a "Life Path"? Does it have anything to do with the "Path" and "Non-path" characters referred to above? A "Life Path" is a method of creating a character in which the character's past is detailed, and the skills the character has available are determined by this "Life Path" the player has chosen for the charater. In Blood Games, a character advances by age. You start generating your character at the age of ten, and stop when you have the character as you want to begin play, though your GM may give guidelines as to starting age and backgound. You take your character through Middle and High Schools, possibly College, and possibly even Graduate School, then begin working in a profession. There are many professions you can take, and you can switch professions as you like so long as certain obligatins are fulfilled.

"Path" characters are those who have decided to follow a certain Path of Power. Some paths are professions, and some are more like hobbies. Taking a Path of Power can make the character more powerful at the expense of obligations.

"Non-path" characters are normal people who are swept up in the fight against the creatures of darkness. Many of them have unreliable quirks which can aid them in their tasks.

Can you create your own professions? How about new skills? Creating a new profession is detailed withim the book. Skills are very easy to create. Define the skill, and decide what the base modifying attribute should be. That's basically it, as all skills work the same way. The tough part is in defining your new skill.
Religion seems to be very important in the game. Is this true? Is this a Christian game? Religion is vital to the game. Many of the paths are religious in nature, and the reality of some greater being or beings helping humanity is a central fact. Blood Games is not, however, tied to any one religion.

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