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          "So there we were, backed up against the temple wall by half a battalion of pikemen, and we were literally caught red-handed -- you could see the gems stuffed down Keon's trou­sers, plain as day in the torchlight. I don't think the pikers had an officer with them, 'cause they just stood there pointing their sharp sticks at us, and we kept our hands up as high as we could. Not unreasonable; we didn't rob any old temple. Defiling the Great Temple of Sa Feberi, better known as 'Fevertown', is punish­able by death on the spot..."
          -- Book of Jalan, Due West
      The Book of Jalan is a self-contained StarCluster RPG game. The Book of Jalan is set on the world Jalan, a world settled by Homo Erectus a million years ago, through the agency of the alien Seeders. The people of Jalan have evolved a powerful psionics based magic, vastly greater than that of the humans of the rest of the Cluster. As a result, the greatest Power in the Cluster, SaVaHuTa, has declared Jalan off limits to any contact. Small teams of deep-cover scientists observe the natives, who have developed a technology approximately that of the Renaissance to Regency period on Earth - matchlock and wheellock black powder guns, huge ocean going sailing ships, and pervasive magical influences. SavaHuTa dares not let these powers out into the Cluster, but by it's own rules, it must open up Jalan once a practical steam technology is available, and that day is coming very close.

The Book of Jalan is a single book containing everything needed to run a campaign on Jalan, and is interoperable with all StarCluster 2 products.

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          "If you've ever been to Fevertown, you know it's a great place to get lost; uneven rows of big, wooden houses which hang so far out over the cobbles that you can't see the sky. More than a hundred little creeks and rivers cross the city from west to east, with nary a street-light around. Put it all together and you end up with a place where the locals have trouble finding their own hovels. It's a rat warren of tiny, pitch-dark passages, some so tight you have to squeeze through side-on. That's why the mili­tia keeps a cadre of elite trackers with -- you guessed it -- bloodhounds. To hunt down fugi­tives like me... "
          -- Book of Jalan, Due West

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          "An old, wheezing voice drifted down from the window. A shadowy silhouette stood out­lined against the deeper darkness. "D'you mind?" it said in Galeni, the local language. "I don' care who you're killin', but for pity's sake let an old man 'ave a night's rest!" The silhou­ette leaned further out until its head touched the opposite shutter, and lowered its voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "Oi, you need a safe­house for the night? One silver penny an' they'll never know you were here! Satisfaction guaranteed!"..."
          -- Book of Jalan, Due West

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          "We casually strolled through the thickest shade we could find. Main Street runs all the way through the city from north to south, intersecting more than a dozen rivers and canals. Fevertown is almost as reknowned for its elegant stone bridges as for the permanent, low-key malaria epidemic raging in its streets..."
          -- Book of Jalan, Due West

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