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Welcome to the Flying Mice Role-Playing Page

We also design role playing games.

In Harm's Way: Pigboats In Harm's Way: Pigboats, a game of submarine adventure during World War II in the Pacific, influenced by submarine movies and books like Run Silent, Run Deep, Hellcats of the Navy, Torpedo Run, etc.

StarCluster Role Playing Games The StarCluster 2 RPG is a science fiction role playing game set in the far future, in a cluster of over 100 star systems.

Sweet Chariot 2 RPG is a 'steam tech' core rule set and a setting based on one of the worlds in the Cluster, and uses StarCluster mechanics

The Book of Jalan is a fantasy world in a SF setting. Jalan is an interdicted world within the Cluster where hyper-powerful psi and black powder rule the world.

The StarCluster 3 roleplaying game is a SF roleplaying game, the Third Edition of our classic StarCluster setting. The Cluster is completely re-envisioned as a toolbox, with even the resolution system selectable between many different plug-in options.

The In Harm's Way: StarCluster roleplaying game uses the toolbox setting of StarCluster 3 with Military SF options to make any Military SF game you might be interested in.

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Blood Games Series Role Playing Games Powered by StarCluster Blood Games II RPG is an Occult Horror core rule set, nominally set Here and Now, which uses StarCluster mechanics but is not otherwise tied into the StarCluster setting.

On Her Majesty's Arcane Service is an occult game set in Elizabethan England. The Arcane Service is set up by Doctor John Dee to protect England and the Queen from magical attack, internal or external.

Outremer is an alt-historical magical game set in a world where the crusader states survived - though changed - at leasst into the 16th century renaissance periiod. Fully compatible with OHMAS and Blood Games II.

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Cold Space Series Role Playing Games Powered by StarCluster

Cold Space In 1949, a group of Swiss physicists discover the principles of a faster than light drive and antigravity, just as the Cold War sets in. The race for the stars is on.

FTL Now The FTL drive and antigravity generator discovered in Cold Space become available for commercial application. Quickly they become Smaller, Cheaper, Better. Then, on September 11, 2001, the unthinkable happens and the Interstellar War on Terror has begun!

Commonwealth Space The third game in the Cold Space alt history, joining Cold Space and FTL Now, Commonwealth Space shows the Commonwealth Colonisation Authority's bit of the Oikumene - Colonization on a shoestring, while hoisting itself by its own bootstraps.

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In Harm's Way Historical Role Playing Games In Harm's Way: A Napoleanic Naval Roleplaying Game Set beginning in 1794, you can play naval officers, seamen, and warrant officers of the British, French, and American navies. Fight the Frogs! Fight the Dons! Fight the Limeys! Fight the Pirates! Sail into the uncharted Pacific, or through the azure Mediterranean. Take prizes, go on cutting out expeditions, battle a hurricane, or blow up a fort. It's all up to you.

In Harm's Way: Dragons! What if the wars of the Napoleonic Era were fought with dragons as well as armies and ships? With In Harm's Way: Dragons! you can answer that question. This game contains all the rules necessary, along with a random dragon generator and example dragons. You can play this game in any period from the American War of Independence to the Crimean war, though it concentrates on the Napoleonic wars. French, British, and American human and dragon characters are supported.

In Harm's Way: Aces In Spades Set during the Great War, World War I, you can play fighter pilots, staff officers, and ground crew of the French, British, German, and American aerial forces. With a powerful specialized tactical dogfighting system, your plane becomes an extension of your character as he struggles to survive this brutal war in vehicles made of wood, cloth, and wire.

In Harm's Way:Aces And Angels Set in the Second World War, you can play fighter pilots, staff officers, and ground crew of the American, Soviet, British, German, Italian, or Japanese armed forces. With a powerful specialized tactical dogfighting system, your plane becomes an extension of your character as he struggles to survive the carnage and insanity of the war.

In Harm's Way:Wild Blue In Harm's Way: Wild Blue, a game of Modern Mercenary Action. Create your own Mercenary Company, Design your own Contracts, and play mercenaries on the ground, air, or water. Helicopters, SpecOps, Fighter Jets, Tanks, and Patrol Craft are all covered.

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Sports Role Playing Games Powered by StarCluster The Tools of Ignorance is our first - and perhaps last - sports oriented roleplaying game.
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Third Party Games Forward... to Adventure! A Fantasy game in the grand old tradition, but without the bad old cruft, by The RPGPundit.
Forward... to Adventure! Gamemasters' Notebook! A supplement for Forward... to Adventure! with new classes, races, minsters, and... THE SETTING!, by The RPGPundit.